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Zhaocai Cat Tea Cup
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Zhaocai Cat Tea Cup

Product Specification
Capacity 200ML
Product Size 10.5X8.3CM
Material Ceramic
Product Net Weight 1000G
Sample Lead Time 7 Days
Production Lead Time 15 Days
Zhaocai Cat Tea Cup
Customization Zhaocai Cat Tea Cup Corporate Gifts
Customization Zhaocai Cat Tea Cup Corporate Gifts
4.7 3
1 2023-12-05

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Unsure what to buy for those close to you or looking for some ideas to show your creativity this Christmas? Then, try buying and customising your own Christmas mug! Mugs, Coffee mugs, cups, travel flasks and tumblers all provide opportunities to design a gift tailored to multiple practices. Let it be, drinking a hot cup of joe at home, carrying a travel flask to work or giving your colleagues a new Christmas mug to brighten up the office. Not only, are they can be given to those close around us, but mugs are the perfect souvenir for businesses to gift their customers and clients, thus promoting brand awareness this Christmas. Read below as to why having a Christmas mug can benefit you and your business this Christmas!

1. They're Personal and Customisable

Christmas mugs are considered a thoughtful gift as offering a present during Christmas highlights our feeling of friendship and comradery to the receiver. It can help build our ties with our friends, family, colleagues and even business partners to start the new year stronger than ever. It shows we care for those around us and we are attentive to keeping those happy to create a better loving environment around us. With current technology and services, mugs not only have a wealth of styles, logos, patterns, slogans and Christmas designs but they more importantly can be individually designed and customised. Designing your own mug, offers the opportunity to print Christmas photos, personal messages or heartfelt quotes onto the face of the mug. This is why customisation gives more flexibility for the gifter to make a very personalised mug to the receiver which serves as a great personal Christmas gift! Also, this customisation is not only limited to mugs but also available for travel flasks, tumblers, coffee mugs and cups which adds further personalisation to the gift as it can show that we understand other people's needs. For example, buying your colleague a Christmas travel flask with their famous favourite quote who cycles to work every day is a well taught out gift that has a function. The large availability of customisation really inspires us to make a very personalised Christmas gift.

2. They're Affordable

Not only are Christmas mug are a great personalised gift, but they are extremely affordable. Coffee mugs are extremely durable as the'yre made of ceramic, they can withstand high temperatures from liquids such as coffee, tea or soup. They're also made of glass, metal and stainless steel which can be suited for cooler temperature liquids. Adding a personalised message or custom image onto the face of the mug will be of extra cost however, paying for the service of personalisation is worth it. Customising a Christmas gift will not only make appearances throughout the Winter but it a well thoughtful Christmas mug that you designed for your family, friends or colleagues will subsequentially make appearances back on their office table every year. Therefore, you're paying for an opportunity for your Christmas gift to be around those around you for years.

3. Can be the perfect Corporate Gift

Not only is a personalised Christmas coffee mug, mug or flask perfect for friends, family and colleagues but it can also be an ideal gift for both employees, stakeholders, customers and prospective clients. During the Christmas holidays giving a physically designed gift can create a great touchpoint between the corporation and with business clients. It shows an effort to increase ties with perspective partners and stakeholders to strengthen relationships. Christmas time is the perfect time to consider Christmas coffee mugs as a gift as it's sent just before the new year which will start the following year with a great start.

3.1 Promote Brand Awareness

Gifting customised mugs are essential for promoting company brand awareness, having a well decorated Christmas mug will not only appear on your potential clients desk this Christmas but it will likely be used every subsequent year to celebrate the holidays. Having the company logo printed on the mug will not only increase brand awareness but it will also highlight that your company cares about its employees and stakeholders. Corporate Christmas mug gifts are a great marketing strategy that should be taken advantage of.

4. Designs Can Be Unique and Memorable

Designs that are inspirational and memorable will have a long lasting impressions on the receiver on the gift. As mentioned, having a great design Christmas design for a mug will make the mug make many appearances for the next few years.

4.1 Types of Christmas Mugs and Slogans

Below are some examples of Christmas mug patterns that you can draw some inspiration. Also, if you are looking to create a more humorous coffee Christmas mug, have a look at some of these examples of mugs below. Just keep in mind, that some funny slogans are more suited to friends and family compared to sending it to very important potential client!

SnowmanMug   GingerBreadManMug

5. Christmas mugs make the best Christmas souvenirs

Every household may have some sort of Christmas mug that's been saved over many years. Christmas mugs are saved for the winter holidays to be shared amongst the family. Designing a personal Christmas mug will also be the perfect souvenir to the person receiving the mug. The memories created from the mug will last for years to come and will remind you of the close relationships and partnerships between the gifter and receiver. Customising Christmas mugs are the most ideal gift to consider for this upcoming Christmas both for friends, family, employees or as a corporate gift.