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Our Customers

Corporate Gifts Malaysia

Established in 2005, Source EC stands as a dynamic and pioneering online supplier of corporate gifts in Malaysia, driven by a steadfast mission to provide businesses with the means to elevate and amplify their invaluable brand identities. Our all-encompassing approach simplifies the complexities of corporate gift sourcing, facilitated by a dedicated team of seasoned customer service experts who offer invaluable insights into refining your corporate gift concepts. From the initial spark of ideation to the meticulous stages of production, rigorous quality control, and timely delivery, every facet of the process is underpinned by our meticulous attention, ensuring that your chosen souvenirs not only serve as thoughtful tokens of appreciation but also play a pivotal role in enhancing your brand's visibility and resonance in the vibrant Malaysian market.
1000+ successful cases of door gifts ideas
Checked We are serving industries of banking, government, educational institutions, private sector, etc.
Checked Our team handles thousands of orders and hundred thousands of gifts items each year
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Corporate Gifts Customers
Corporate Clients
With a proven record, Source EC has been chosen by over 20 multinational banks, 30 government departments, 100 educational institutions for premium gifts. Our team's dedicated services extend to more than 4,500 organizations of varied sizes, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
Corporate Gifts Productions
Production Experience
Over the years, Source EC have produced more than 9 million gifts for all sizes of enterprises, Source EC's gift for commercial fairs, company annual dinner, shopping malls promotional activities, all size of the commemoration of the corporate bodies to actively promote the brand.
Corporate Gifts Customer Services
Customer Service Professionals
We employ over 50 staff in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China, encompassing customer services, merchandisers, and quality control experts. Source EC offers a pleasant working environment, while also emphasizing the importance of meticulous order handling.
Corporate Gifts Quality Control
Quality Control Center
With 5,000-square-foot quality inspection and packaging center nestled in China, gifts from Source EC undergo a thorough examination by our skilled inspectors prior to reaching our customers. This unwavering commitment underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional quality.
Corporate Gifts Products
Products Available Online
On the Source EC website, customers can explore a vast collection of over 20,000 gifts available for purchase. Our dedicated customer service team takes great satisfaction in offering insightful advice, enriching the purchasing journey and sharing the latest information about gift trends.