About Source EC

About Source EC
Established at 2005, with 50 staff members, provide service at Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, export to US and Europe
We dedicate to provide the best sourcing services and highest quality promotional products to our customers. Our headquarter is located in Hong Kong and we have a branch office in Mainland China to handle the daily manufacturing activities. We provide over 5000 kinds of different corporate gifts and premiums to our clients. In addition, we also provide OEM service for the worldwide customers.
Our Philosophy
We focus on corporate gifts, direct sourcing from manufacturer and provide the best service
We promote mainly on Internet, reduce the cost of operation and product price
Direct sourcing from manufacturing, reduce the cost of the middleman
Our product and pricing information are open
Global Sourcing, Competitive Price
With almost a decade of corporate gifts sourcing experience, we have a solid network of vendors in different countries and provide service to various industries.
We provide gifts in different countries, so that we enjoy the scale of production, which keep our price in competitive level.
Giftionery Taipei - Taipei International Gift & Stationery Show
Source EC exhibited the fair Giftionery Taipei. It has 530 exhibitors and 701 booths, it is the largest gift fair in Taiwan.
Our products in the gift show
Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair
Source EC exhibited at the HKTDC Gifts and Premium Fair and showed our Gattola brand products. The HKTDC fair attracts 62,000 buyers and thousands exhibitors, it is regarded as the largest gift fair in the world.
Meet the global buyers in the fair
We are trusted by 4,500 corporations
More 20 global banks, 30 government departments, 100 education organizations and countless private company purchase the products from Source EC. Over the years, we have served more than 4,500 corporations.
Working at Source EC
We work hard and play hard. We keep our working atmosphere relaxed but serious on each order handling. Source EC staff members enjoy to serve our customer and we are proud of our service.
Gattola Brand
Gottola is about colorful and novelty, Source EC develops this brand and provide a series of corporate gifts.
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Source EC Corporate Brand Asset
Our corporate brand color is green and orange. We have a few guidelines for using Source EC’s brand resources—please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.
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Source EC Global Logo
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Fast Facts on Source EC
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